Meet Karen

Karen is passionate about supporting you in both your personal and professional development in order to reach your best self.

Karen’s Approach

Karen has been supporting and coaching parents on how to create happy and empowered families for the past 22 years. She has created specialist workshops to extend parents knowledge into understanding themselves as an individual, the dynamic they bring to their primary relationship with their partner, and how this impacts their children. She assists and supports parents to re-create their family unit into a place of success rather than defeat.

Her methodology is to educate parents on fostering relationships where they feel empowered and have all the tools they need to understand and appreciate their children. Karen helps parents expand their knowledge of their role as both figurehead and cheerleader of the family.

Karen’s development of courses also extends to those which empower children and youth and give them all the skills to grow feeling worthy and loved and become adults that make a difference to this world.

Her Story

Karen was a head lecturer at both colleges and universities in children’s education and development, adult education and training in teaching pedagogy and curriculum. She has been involved in assessment and endorsement of teaching qualifications to Australian standards and best practice, a consultant on Early Years Framework and Prep Curriculum for the Department of Education and Training, Office of Early Childhood and National Accreditation Council assessor and validator.

In her career, she has been the founder and principal of an independent elementary and high school as well as many early childhood services. She has worked with students/families in early childhood, elementary and high schools in the role of both school principal and school counsellor.

Karen is also a family counsellor with over 20 years’ experience working with children and families in a variety of settings. She enjoys working with couples and families and has a passion for helping create and enforce boundaries with love and laughter.

 Karen graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with post-graduate studies in education, child psychology and development, in the full spectrum of learning and development from Early Childhood through Adulthood. She is driven by a passion to re-establish the proper raising of children into our society through coaching parents and groups. Karen also loves teaching, coaching and mentoring children and teens in both private consultation and family environments.

Karen has been offering her common-sense parenting advice to parents of all walks of life. Her non-judgmental approach to coaching and her warm, humorous, yet no-nonsense approach to children make her adept to help parents in any stage of parenting.

Karen has had the privilege of working with children and families from all walks of life. 

Karen’s experience is compiled of valuable lessons that she has learned through creating and directing children’s programs and curriculum, mentoring teens, working as a counsellor with at-risk and foster families, and investing countless hours into supporting parents at both schools and early childhood facilities to empower and equip parents to establish peace, stability, and unity in their homes whilst training their children with tools that will make a difference for the rest of their lives. Her experience as a single and widowed parent makes her a natural choice for families facing the challenges of single parenting and blended families.

Karen knows and understands ANY behaviour a child exhibits, and how to handle it using a combination of unequivocal authority and unconditional love and true principles for raising respectful, responsible children. Karen has a natural, loving way with children and is passionate about helping children and their families. Karen is eager to help you and your family with any struggles you are having.

Karen offers coaching for individual clients, workshops and teacher training. Her passion for families and her caring heart puts parents at ease as she explains and demonstrates effective parenting skills that will improve their family’s quality of life.

Thousands of parents over the past 20 years have looked to Karen as she is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected parenting experts. She has all the answers they need to understand themselves, their family dynamic and most of all their children. She is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, has written many articles for respected publications and a trusted spokesperson in advocacy for children and families.

Karen looks forward to working with you and your family.

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